“Love to walk your dog again” -Tom Morais

Tom and I come to dog training from different experiences, yet we work together and complement one another extremely well.

Tom is living proof that dogs crave structure and guidance.  Throughout his training and experience over the years, he has learned how to communicate with all types of dogs and provide them with what they need to learn and have a better relationship with their people.  He began his training career informally, with a wild junkyard pit bull-type dog with the unfortunate name, “Killer”, whom he later dubbed “Lucky.”  He rehabilitated her with patience, guidance, and structure (a.k.a. LOVE), and kept her as a family pet for the rest of her life.

After he was successful with integrating Lucky into his household, he was hooked on the feeling of taking a dog from wild and crazy to calm and obedient- without losing the dog’s personality or ability to have fun.  With this revelation, he began training dogs for friends and family, helping to fill in the missing pieces to allow them to have a balanced, full relationship with these beautiful and faithful creatures.  Though he took a detour and became a professional chef, he never stopped helping dogs and their people AND he never stopped studying from different training masters to hone his techniques and have lots of methods to draw from.

Today, Tom has trained hundreds of dogs and prides himself on both his quick and enduring results, as well as the relationships he builds with his clients.  During his most recent time in the San Francisco Bay Area and in many of his travels to help other facilities or remote clients, he receives countless emails, social media comments, and text messages from clients showing what great results their hard work and our training methods elicited from their dogs.  Although the positive results are no surprise to us at this point, we still feel giddy about that moment when the potential in their dogs dawns on our human clients and they come to a place where they feel both relaxed and in control of their dogs.
Marilyn came to training by way of a prolonged and difficult experience with her first dog, Jack.  Although Jack was a sweet, friendly dog to her and people in her life, he pulled really strongly on the leash during walks, lunged fiercely and barked explosively to all manner of beings (dogs, people) while on leash, and went into meltdown mode with noises like thunder, fireworks, motorcycles, and even the beeps of the smoke alarms when the batteries needed replacement.  At 85 lbs. during his prime, Jack’s antics were no joke for Marilyn or those around her during these situations.

Marilyn loved Jack and enjoyed having him in her life, but she really couldn’t control him when he had these awful reactions to the scenarios presenting themselves multiple times daily.  She continued to walk him, but certainly deviated from popular walking paths and attempted to avoid some of his triggers by adjusting the times of day they would explore.  Nevertheless, Jack’s antics persisted.

Marilyn took Jack to a few trainers and, despite having great obedience skills when treats were offered, the problem behaviors did not improve.   Living with Jack was tough at times, but Marilyn was sure there was a way to help him and she just kept looking.  She tried many methods and tools, but they either offered only temporary help or none at all.
Once Marilyn was exposed to some of the tools and methods of balanced training, her relationship with Jack improved drastically in very little time.  All those years she spent trying ineffective methods melted away and she was there, with Jack, actually enjoying walks and other activities.  Why hadn’t she been exposed to these methods earlier?  That’s another story for another day (to be covered in a blog post really soon).  Just know- she was exposed to these new techniques, used them effectively on her own dog, and- immediately – she felt compelled to learn more and share it all with friends and family.  She then began her own studies and accumulated a wide variety of techniques to help each dog based on its history and present behaviors.

Marilyn is now a great trainer in her own right.  She specializes in both dogs like Jack, who might be described as pushy (or even bratty) and fearful, shut-down dogs whose behaviors might include fits of explosive energy (barking, lunging) or cowering/hiding from any triggers.  With patience, guidance, and structure (a.k.a. LOVE), she has rehabilitated these dogs and coached their owners to maintain these positive results.  Truthfully, though she wishes she learned about this stuff earlier in Jack’s life, she remains grateful for the struggle that brought her to this place AND she empathizes with every client’s story of feeling hopeless or frustrated.  She will get you to the place where you can see yourself enjoying your dog again really quickly and this will push you forward to do the work needed to help your sweet friend.

Together, Tom and Marilyn channel Lucky and Jack to bring you the best of themselves, clearly influenced by the beings that nudged them into this arena.  Our mentors helped instill a great sense of purpose and ability to which we added our vast experience and quest for continued growth and learning.

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Our goal is that you feel hopeful about your situation and find what you need to arrive at that reality.  We are here and we are genuinely happy to help.  Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing from you soon.
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